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    [Push-To-Talk] TS3 donīt send complet spoken data

    Since Iīm using TS3 version with Push-to-Talk I sporadically get a bug which prevents my spoken data to be received (or being sent by my client, i donīt know) by other clients correctly.

    The problem is if the bug occurs, other people on my channel tell me i got lag but that is just because it listen for them like somebody got lag but the real problem is not lag the real problem is if i push my Push-to-Talk button and say something like "hello my name is steve" and release the button after i said it its posible not all data were sent correctly.

    E.g.: "hello my name" was send and i release the button "is steve" will never be send to the server or the other channel members.
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    go to Settings->Options
    click capture
    Check the box that says Advanced Options
    Check the 4th box under advanced that says Delay releasing Push-To-Talk:
    Adjust the delay until the issue is resolved.

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