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    Solved Add to bookmark by url, like invites

    So currently you can invite someone by giving a link like this: ts3server://server-ip-here

    Why not also ts3bookmark://ip-here?option1=blabla&option2=something

    Whats the purpose?

    Currently people can create their permanent channel in my website, since the teamspeak is quite big I provided a small tutorial to add to bookmarks to connect to their channel, skipping the default one. But not many read this.

    Why? This would make everything simple for people that don't feel confortable configuring bookmarks.
    I know that this isn't a very big feature but isn't bad either.

    To avoid links to spam-add to bookmarks that link would open teamspeak with a modal popup warning that they will add a bookmark (and which options would be included). If they press OK it would be added.

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    ts3server:// has an argument "&addbookmark=xx" which will prompt the user to create a bookmark with the given label

    here is a list of all the arguments

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    Oh, never saw this!!!

    Well.. this may be closed then.

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