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    Channel admin able to move his main channel inside parent channel

    Greetings everyone,

    I've been maintaining a TS server for while now and know my way around most of the rights to the extend of what influences what after spending a lot of time with it, but today something is baffling me..

    Channel admins on the server were always able to move channels whereever they wanted inside the channel they are admin in but never outside of that. Now for some reason they seem to be able to change the order for channels inside their parent which I am 100% certain was not the case before (I set up everything to the point where zero abuse is possible so I have as little to do as possible to fix problems) and wondering what happened as noone bt me changes rights and permissions. Anyway, time for specifics.

    Lets say channel A has channel 1 and 2 inside it. Channel admin for 2 has the option to put its channel in front of channel 1 so the main order is changed even though he is not an admin inside channel A.

    What I don't get is how this is possible and I would like regular channel admins to not have this power anymore. I tried taking out b_channel_modify_parent but that did nothing at all and removing b_channel_modify_sortoder is not an option because I still want them to be able to change the order inside their own channels.

    Anyone able to offer a solution/help?

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    well if they have channel admin in the channel and you allow them to modify the sortorder they can change the order of their own channel. Maybe you just never noticed because nobody tried.

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