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    Redirection issue (domain -> dynamic IP)

    On (my webspace with registered domain), I use a php script to redirect ts3 clients to my local pc where the ts3 server is running. Whenever my local IP changes, the php script recieves the new local IP and if someone enters in his browser, he recieves a ts3server:// link:
    echo "<meta http-equiv=\"Refresh\" content=\"0; URL=ts3server://".$my_home_IP."\" />";
    Using a browser, this works like a charme.

    Now I wanted to add to the favorites in my ts3 client, but the client fails to connect. I get the following errors in the logfile:
    15.05.2013 17:34:50 ClientUI Info Connect to server:
    15.05.2013 17:34:50 ClientUI Info Trying to resolve
    15.05.2013 17:34:50 Info SRV DNS resolve unsuccessful for ""
    15.05.2013 17:34:50 Info DNS resolve successful, ""=
    15.05.2013 17:34:51 ClientUI Info Lookup finished: 9987 0 0
    15.05.2013 17:34:51 ClientUI Info Resolve successful:
    15.05.2013 17:34:51 ClientUI Info Blacklist check ok
    15.05.2013 17:34:51 ClientUI Info Initiating connection:
    15.05.2013 17:34:51 Info DNS resolve successful, ""=
    15.05.2013 17:34:52 ClientUI Info Connect status: Connecting
    15.05.2013 17:34:57 ClientUI Info Connect status: Disconnected
    15.05.2013 17:34:57 ClientUI Info Failed to connect to server, want autoreconnect = 0 (I changed the domain name and IP) is the IP of, so the client doesn't seem to care about the redirect. He simply resolves the server IP and tries to connect there instead of using the redirection to my local pc IP.

    Is there a solution to this problem without using a CNAME entry? Maybe a different way to redirect, using a .htaccess file or using something like
    header("Location: ".$my_home_IP);
    I already tried several ways to redirect, but none of them seem to work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thx in advance.

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    Well, the TeamSpeak client doesn't care whether or not there is a webserver running on the domain and doesn't contact your webserver. You will need to use TSDNS for example or use dyndns for your ts3 domain.

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    Thank you very much

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