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    llVIU Guest

    How to disable mic?

    disable, not mute.

    when are on a server, and you go in a new tab to another server, your old server window disables your microphone. I want a hotkey to disable the microphone, not mute it, or at least where is the button in the client where I can do that? I can activate it with self->activate microphone but I don't see where I can deactivate it, or in the hotkey menu settings->options->hotkeys.

    I want this because I already got a key to mute/unmute microphone but I use it when I'm already using a microphone, having a continuous transmission/voice activation detection is out of the question, one makes background noise and the other lags out, so you only hear half. and I put it on mouse so sometimes I can accidentally unmute mic.

    Also, I don't like dragging myself under the table just to disable my mic by unplugging it

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    you can disable the capture profile by unchecking it in self > capture profile. There is also a hotkey for disabling a certain capture profile. Click add hotkey > show advanced and search for profile.

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