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    when i connect to my teamspeak server these messages come up

    <18:30:32> Trying to connect to server on
    <18:30:32> Connected to Server: Old School Gamers [OsG]
    <18:30:32> For a chance to win a $30 F.Y.E. gift card chech our site.
    <18:30:32> Welcome to Old School Gamers grab a seat and have some fun!!!!!!
    <18:30:35> You switched from channel "Main Lobby" to "Asylum"
    <18:30:35> Channel group "Channel Admin" was assigned to ".Korn17" by Old School Gamers [OsG].

    My question is how do i add, remove, or change these messages. If there is already a post about this sorry i didnt see it i did look for awhile. i have been trying to figure this out for a month now.
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    Those are just status messages that appear in the server log, most of them you can disable in Settings > Options > Notifications.
    The connecting, Welcome to <servername> and the welcome message of the server itself will always be there though.

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    When i went here "Settings > Options > Notifications" i couldnt find anything about those messages. Could you please be more specific. thanks

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    You will not see directly those messages in there.
    Example: Action:
    Connection > Connected to server
    Connection > ...
    Client > Connection > Connected > ...
    Client > Switched > ...
    Client > Moved > ...
    You > switched channel
    You > were moved to different channel
    and you are looking for column titled text location then click on value (mostly server) and uncheck it.

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