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    Question Teamspeak 3 and AOL Dialer (VPN). HELP

    So my friend is using AOL, which is a VPN proxy to USA so we can play certain games which require you to live in USA. The problem is that once he is connected to AOL Dialer(homenetwork) he cannot connect to any server on Teamspeak 3.
    I did some research and i THINK that it has to do with having to portforward ports in order them to work. But i have no clue what ports, and under what ip i should portforward them since the IP address changes everytime you connect to the dialer.

    Ofcourse i am not 100% sure that the problem is the ports so if anyone got any other ideas feel free to tell me.

    I really hope someone could help. He never ever has any problems connecting when is not using a VPN.

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    Use of VPN is not supported.

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    As a reply to my previous thread. (about VPN)

    So i made a topic here about my problem connecting to a teamspeak server while using a VPN. The reply i got was: "Use of VPN is not supported." And the thread got closed. This is my old post with a more information about what the problem is.

    So i googled some stuff and i found multiple topics (by the same guy) stating that he found a solution.
    This is what he said:
    "You can actually use it through vpn (local network ip) as well without needing to forward ports:
    On VPN server, run ipconfig /all to list the IP address of PPP adapter RAS (Dial In). Try to using this IP address to connect to the Teamspeak server."

    These are the sources:

    I have no clue what he means. I do know how to find the IP address of the VPN running but i don't understand what he means that i have to use that one to connect to the server. If i fill in that IP address at the connect window is gives an error (which sounds logical to me because it has no clue where to go to).
    So what steps did he take. Can you force teamspeak to use a certain connection because it may be possible that teamspeak uses his local network's IP to connect to the server instead of the VPN's IP address. But i have no idea how i could change this, i don't know how i can set priorities for certain programs to use a certain connection.

    Thanks in advance.

    tldr; Cannot connect to a teamspeak server via VPN. Found a solution but don't understand what to do.
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