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    Non-Profit License 512 slots with 32 slots

    Hi all,

    1th at all tnk u to staff ts3 for the NPL license

    now the problem.... I followed all info about it (copy and paste in ts3 folder and restart the ts3 server) but.... nothing happen....
    License:Non-profit license this is what isee but i can't set MORE of 32 clients so that's mean doesn't work correctly... any idea?

    (server it's windows 2011 based and port and all rest work properly)

    (sorry for my bad english)

    p.s. I read all info about to fix the problem about base64.... but my file it's ok inside (I checked with notepad++) and so i don't know whta can i do...

    UPGRADE INFO: I also tried to download with diffrent client.... and nothing happens
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