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Thread: Large Cacheing

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    Solved Large Cacheing

    OS: Debian 64bit 6.0.6

    I've done a ton of searching on this and haven't really found much. I did a bunch of google legwork to look into turning cacheing off of my box but it's a VM and swapiness isn't even available (they don't have swap enabled). I did the very basic installation and I'm not using MySQL (SQLLite instead).

    When installing (to the best of my recollection) all I did was run and it provided a key and query user. I grabbed that information and connected to the TS3 server through IP. I shut down and restarted the server using startscript start. I didn't play with any of the config options at all.

    Now, initially upon startup, my server uses very very little memory at all. As the days tick on and I hit the 5 day mark, however (twice in a row), my cached memory jumps WAY up instantly. Anyone have any suggestions? I've run 230 clients in THIS BOX with memory only reaching 48mb. I'm seeing 20 clients sitting at this now. (I'm aware of actual memory vs cached vs RES and VIRT). The box only hosts one literal HTML webpage...

    If you need any more information, please let me know - I'd like to resolve this. I love Teamspeak and must have this project succeed.
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    Please elaborate what is the problem specifically? As we understand it, you're saying linux cached some files. What is the problem with that?

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    I appreciate your response, I had spoken with my hosting provider and they told me that if my total memory usage had risen to the max memory allocated my system would continually crash. After much discussion with them I had to get another support rep because the one I was speaking with clearly had no clue. The other rep confirmed that cache can hit max memory and it won't crash the machine.

    You can close this thread or delete it if you'd like - there is no error.

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