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    Quote Originally Posted by ANR Daemon View Post
    This is a bug in Joystick software. As quite evidently shown by a reply from dante696 right before yours.
    I see no reason why you ever posted made your message in first place.
    Complain to joystick manufacturer about their software incompatibility.
    Wow, quite the unhelpful response and I also think this is incorrect. It worked fine in older TS clients. In newer ones it stopped working. Nothing changed on the joystick end. This doesn't happen with other chat software, only teamspeak.

    Most of us just decided to stick with the older TS clients that still support "Direct Input" and haven't had problems since. Using mouse/keyboard-only and relying on joystick profiles to replicate the keypress is a sub-optimal solution. I'd rather use a version of teamspeak that just works, even if we have to forgo client updates.

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    This is definitly a problem with your Hardware and Driver forcing to use Direct Input. Other Joysticks or Gamepads are still working as expected. They are using Raw Input for there hardware and work fine.

    Direct Input is an outdated method to get and use keys from a device.
    It caused our client to crash for many users. Even without any Gamepad or Joystick conencted.
    We decieded to fix these crashes and we still prefer not using this old hotkey mode from windows.

    We will not readd direct Input.
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