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    Question Question to developers TS3 about ATHP and Database.

    Hello Dear Developers !

    I would ask you about database ( MYSQL , SQLITE3 ) ! Which is better for provide " Hosting ATHP " after 3 weeks im planing to be as ATHP, now the interface www is in development stage, so is very important to me, which database will be better, faster and stable don't forget tell me why.

    the parameter dbconnections=100 what exactly gives me ?
    i tested with default 10 and 100 and don't feel any changes with performance, especially with quicker load channels.

    Thanks in advice.
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    That shouldn't have anything to do with any web based backend since nothing but the TeamSpeak server itself is supposed to read or write the TeamSpeak database. Anything else can lead to corruption, which would cause you to loose your database and all the servers / channels / settings within.

    In general we recommend the sqlite database. It is faster since unlike with MySQL there is no second process that needs to accept, process and then execute the query, gather the data and then send it back to TeamSpeak, which has no choice but to wait all this time. It also doesn't make TeamSpeak dependent on another process which might fail, in which case the TeamSpeak server would stop as well.

    The dbconnections parameter increases the number of concurrent queries on MySQL databases.
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