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    Auto update website roster from server group client list


    I am completely clueless on writing PHP scripts for TS3, and I was hoping someone on here would be able to help me.

    I need something to automatically update a roster page displaying the members in my clan. The way I think it should be done is it should just pull the names of the clients in the server group "Established Members" (A group all members are a part of).

    Please note that it needs to automatically update the roster list onto a WordPress website. I have it hosted on a VPS with access all areas Linux.

    If there is a way to do this, and you don't mind writing a script or program to do it, then I would greatly appreciate the help. If someone writes this for me, then there will definitely be a PayPal payment in store for you.


    J. Kingsley

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    I see a little problem in your idea. Every time someone will lose his permissions through reinstalling TeamSpeak with not backing up his identity, will generate a new entry onto your roster. Even if you have your roster updated with the current state, once someone changes his nickname on TeamSpeak, it can faultly edit your roster entrys to a wrong state. If anyone uses special characters in his name, that can also be a problem. Maybe you can try a different idea, where your members will get a privilege key generated on your TeamSpeak server through telnet interface that will put them into the group, once they get assigned onto your clan using your website?

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