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    Solved Spelling Error in Client When Editing the Server

    While I am surely not perfect myself, I still found a spelling error in the TeamSpeak 3 client.

    Considering that the core development team is German, I can imagine how this happened.

    The error can be spotted when one edits a server, then click on the tab "Misc".

    In the lower part it reads:
    --> "Priority speaker dimm modificator"

    In proper English, it should read:
    --> "Priority speaker dim modifier"

    "Dim" has only one "m" (except when using the progressive form "dimming") and the word "modificator" (possibly directly translated from German "Modifikator") does not exist in English. "Modifier" would be a better word in its place.

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    Wow, this has been around for a while, not sure why nobody noticed but I guess nobody read it that closely or just knew what it meant.
    Regardless it will be fixed with the next client release. Thanks.

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    Maybe that IS the reason no one knew what it meant. ;-)

    But joking aside, while you are at it and since the text box is wide enough as well: Why not make it a bit shorter and put "dB" in a label behind it? People would possibly understand it better that way. I have not looked, but maybe there are even other parts in the client, which can be enhanced similarly by strategically placing a subtle label or tooltip. However, I will stop here as it has nothing to do with that spelling error anymore.

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