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    Solved [PluginSDK] clientID onEditXDataEvent

    Known affected functions:

    On an incoming whisper, the clientID in those functions I receive seem to be corrupted.
    Note that on normal incoming talk they're in consistency with the ones from the preceding onTalkStatus event which makes me assume it's not some compiler setting messup or sth. of mine regarding the anyID definition.

    The clientIDs of the processing functions when it's a whisper are reproducable to the expected ones via:
    //if (clientID > 32767)
    clientID = 65535 - clientID + 1;

    That does look a lot like there's some type/signing related problem somewhere on the path.
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    We'll look into this.
    This should be fixed since Client 3.0.11
    Last edited by Chris; November 25th, 2013 at 12:48 PM.

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