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    Solved i_client_max_idletime Problems

    Hello fellow TS3 users,

    Ok so basically what im trying to do is set the value so that if someone does not speak/write anything or move channels for over "X" amount of time they will be kicked from the server. My problem is i set the value to "1" which i would assume is 1 minute but for some reason kicks randomly. I tested this a few ways. I tried talking only for 1 minute and even with speaking you still get kicked. I also tried typing only for 1 minute and still get kicked. I also tried speaking and typing for 1 min and still get kicked. A friend of mine had his microphone muted and only writes in TS3. He came in for 1 minute and was writing and was kicked. He came back and not even 5 seconds later was kicked. I also noticed my friend wasn't kicked at 1 minute but 1 min and about 30 seconds. I tried this speaking with Voice Activation Detection and Push to Talk, both same results. Basically all i want is some way that when a person who does not speak or write or move for over a certain amount of time will be kicked or even better moved to a designated channel (AFK). I saw some programs for this like Auto Away which was exactly what i want but is not being updated anymore. It always says

    "Plugin failed to load:
    Api version is not compatible"

    Which was a big disappointment to me. Also found another program called: "JTS3ServerMod - Multifunction TS3 Server Bot" which also would do what i like but being i rent my server i do not have access to the ServerQuery which is needed to run this. I would be happy if the Auto Kick from Max idle time would function properly and do not understand why you are kicked no matter if active or not. Any help would be appreciated.


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    It does work properly, however the value is not in minutes but seconds! Putting it to less than 60 seconds won't actually kick them right away as the server only checks it every so often. So even if you put that permission to a value of 600 (10 minutes), people can be afk for 10 minutes 10 seconds and still be on the server.

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