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    TS3 temporarily lowering music sound when someone is talking / a sound is played G930

    So I bought a pair of G930 today and plugged them in, installed drivers etc. Then I fired up TS and noticed something odd. Whenever someone talks in TS3 the sound on music is lowered slightly until they stop talking, the same goes with teamspeak sound notifications. This did not happen with my old headset, and it is really annoying. This only happens in TS3, no other program.

    I only noticed that it will also randomly lower the sound every now and then, noone is talking or no sound is being played. Again, this only happens on TS3. So does anyone know a fix or what might cause this?

    W7 64
    Communications is on "Do nothing"
    No plugins enabled
    G 930 headset (Surround enabled)

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    February 2011
    I found the issue, but it's worth to take a look at.
    Settings > Options > Mono Sound Expansion
    This was set to "Mono to surround" and it seems it moved the other sound to another speaker whenever TS played a sound or someone was talking. This was extremely annoying so it might be worth taking a look at. This also seems to happen when using "Center Speaker".

    If I set it back to stereo there is no problem. You may close this thread, or mark it as solved or w/e you want to do with it. Thanks anyway!

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