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    Building a Server for Teamspeak

    Hello everyone!
    I'm new on the Forum, but not with Teamspeak. I need some help to build a home Server for my Teamspeak Server (For my Game Guild) but I really don't know where to start from. I'm quite a noob about Server, and I need a help to understand if it's cheaper hosting a private Server or rent one on the web. In the first case can you suggest me, what system should I buy? Can I buy a sort of cheap and low consumption PC?

    Thank you in advance!

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    how many slots do you need? do you already have hardware and a fast and reliable internetconnection?

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    Hi Fast6.

    With an P3 500 128MB Ram you can Host an 32 Slot server.

    BUT is you Internetconnection able to take up to about 100KB/sec ( MORE is BETTER) for the Upstream?
    And remember you will Play over the Line so think about it.

    I Rented an VServer and used an NPL License.
    With an 100Mbit Full Duplex Line.

    With this VServer up to 512 Users No Problem.

    You can also use the Search Button to find more info about this Question.


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    Thank you for the answers!
    I would like a 50-slots minimum Server, but much better one with 100-slots. My internet connection is 100 Mbit Fiber Optic, so I don't think I'll have big problems. How much does renting a VServer cost? I searched for some Teamspeak Server Hosting service and the cheapest one for a 50-slots server costs 9,49$ per month. I would want to keep this price as low as possible...

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    I give you one tip: with a little luck you can get free vps capable of running TS:

    It is only 128MB RAM, 640MB swap (which is actually in RAM too), 10GB HDD and one IP, but there are no kernel related things running (OpenVZ-based VM), you get 2 cpu-cores, and it is enough for TS. The best of all, it is really free (no "one month try", and they do not ask for your credit card details). I use it myself for ~half year as backup for my TS, DNS and MX. Quite good connection, not much lag...

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