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    insufficient permission modify power


    Because of the 512 maxclients, I want to ensure, that noone can change these settings in Teamspeak to not get blacklisted/whatever.

    So I've created a Servergroup called "Operator" with the Template of an Serveradmin.
    Everything is enabled but "Change max clients, port etc" - Hostsettings. Perfect.

    However, the client is NOT able to change the Tab "Rights, Permissions" of an Channel however you call them in english (And I wont restart teamspeak now only to check how its called in english).

    Well, because I've updated Teamspeak many times (not because the procedure, more cause of incomplete updates/changes in database/missing queries in sql files) I'm damn carefull with it.

    So my question is:
    After those changes like an opus codec, why is this not as default set in permission system (Template) to allow users which have nearly equal rights like an serveradmin??

    So I need to make a group, select template and add these permissions manually?? Sorry, thats fail.

    And my biggest problem is:
    insufficient permission modify power

    Clients are not able to change power of join, abo(sry, have it in german), description, change, delete, browse, upload, rename, create folder. WHY?

    No hint on what it lacks and I'm finding myself again hours and hours spending on i_whatever_permission_study_on_why_is_it_failing_w ithout_any_reason
    also in studying changelogs if there is any mission value in database which has not been added during update.

    Anyone got this problem?

    Changing channel permissions of "Change" and "Delete" are the only ones which are working. Now I'm completely confused.

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    New permissions get added to groups automatically since beta23 of the server at which point i_group_auto_update_type was introduced. If your database existed before beta23 you just had to set the values correctly once (which was announced back then), so the server knows which of your groups correspond to what default group.

    Quote Originally Posted by CHANGELOG
    === Server Release 3.0.0-rc1 23 May 2011
    ! i_group_auto_update_type values changed

    === Server Release 3.0.0-beta23 01 Jun 2010
    + new permissions are now automatically added (i_group_auto_update_type needs
    to be setup correctly)

    === Server Release 3.0.0-beta21 30 March 2010
    ! new permission i_group_auto_update_type which enables
    auto-updating for server groups and channel groups whenever the permission system gets
    updated. supported values: 0-8 (check permissiondoc.txt for details) note that existing
    groups on all virtual servers need to be updated manually since we cannot detect the purpose
    of an existing group automatically
    As for editing permissions: Read permissiondoc.txt inside the doc folder, it explains what checks are performed and how assigning / changing permissions work.
    tl;dr: Your i_permission_modify_power permission needs to be >= the grant value of the permission you want to edit.

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