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    Thumbs down TS3 high CPU usage


    my new Rootserver is very fast. But after my TS3 Server is running longer than 15 minutes, the CPU usage goes up to 100% and my root died.

    256 GB RAM, 4,2 ghz, 1 GBit Network connection, Debian 6 Squeeze

    If anyone have the problem this is the solution:

    Set the global voice encryption (Server settings --> Security) to Global off, restart Server instance.
    Maybe TS Systems can fix this little bug.

    Sorry for my bad English - i'm a Human, not a german ;D

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    Hey joshua2504 !

    I will say simply, developer " Peters " answered in some post, but you don't even try use search bar for your queries.

    " The problem with encrypting voice is that it adds a significant amount of CPU work for both receiving (decoding) and sending (encoding) voice data. "

    This is normal behaviour, when more people join to your teamspeak 3 server, then CPU usage grow up high, that's why teamspeak developers introduce option to set data encryption " globally off " or set to " per channel " . I don't think so you have really 256 GB RAM and 4,2 GHZ cores how many threads then ? also 1 GB ethernet, that specification is not available normally via hosting providers, only with special offer and are not cheap ! that specification what you wrote, can handle encryption data even with 1024 slots ! I assume that you have a specification of small performance VPS, that's why you wrote the post here ! Back to the encryption, bielieve i have got 1024 slots on the server with specification:

    Intel Core i7-2600
    Processor Speed ​​3.4GHz
    Turbo Boost 3.8GHz
    Number of CPU cores 4
    Total Topics CPU 8
    RAM 16 GB
    Hard Drive 2x 1TB
    Unlimited monthly transfer
    Bandwidth 1Gbps
    DDoS protection - more than 10 GB/s

    Teamspeak server with version usage of one thread is approximately 45 % ( when 750 / 1024 online ) ! so with your specification is just your imagine ?

    Best Regards
    CEO TS3 Bahu
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    i have 1024 Slots and 10 Servers. Now i set to all Servers "Global Off" and the Server run stable for 1-2 hours and then CPU overload bla bla... herlp me pls

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    Check the logs or post them.

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