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    [Suggestion] Bind Servergroups to Channel


    i have a community with 4 servergroups (more comming soon) and i want to bind the servergroups to special channels:

    group 1:
    channel 1,2,3
    group 2:
    channel 4,5,6

    with the permission system now i cant do that

    i hope its possible to implement in ts3

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    Servergroups are for the server... Channelgroups are for the channels.
    Just use channel groups, that's what they are made for.

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    its easier to work with servergrps as with channelgrps
    users without a servergroup has no permsission to join a channel in the community-area
    how can my op's do this without long explanings this will end in chaos

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    This was already rejected before, use channel groups they are groups based that are assigned to a channel.

    If you give that channel group the permission to join channels, then those who have the channel group in the channel can join that channel in which they have the group.
    If you want anyone to join channels you can also just use the server guest group for that depending on your situation.

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