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    PC always have to be on for paid TS server?

    I bought a teamspeak server and for some reason my PC has to be on for it to work. Is there anything i'm missing. When i licensed i out the .dat file in the main directory. Am i missing anything else?

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    If you are running the server with the license on your PC then yes, your PC must be on for the server to be running. If you don't want to have your system on, you should have rented a server from an ATHP or you could rent a server (Windows or Linux) that you can install a TS3 server on with your license. If you decided to go with the ATHP option you didn't need to buy a license. But the right Server (Linux Virtual server "VPS") is only about $10 a month and you can host email, webserver and other things on it. So depending on which license you already bought will determine if VPS or ATHP option is a better value for you.

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