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    Solved Voice activation detection PROFILES


    1) I wish you will add different "voice activation detection" profiles (3 will be great) because I really need it !!

    Each profile must have a different level of capture.

    Per example :
    1 - 'Low level profile' : Mic is activated at -10db (can't disturb around me, by night).
    2 - 'Normal level profile' : Mic is activated at 0db (Alone in the room).
    3 - 'High level profile' : Mic is activated at +10db (Big noise in the room).

    I would like to change between 3 profiles with hotkeys (to be configured).

    2) Could we have a 2nd cursor to set a max level detection ? So, when the sound will be louder than cursor, the sound won't sent to other users.

    Thank you very much

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    As for the 1st one:
    You can already create those by yourself, just go to settings > options > capture and create new profiles (plus button at the lower left), name them accordingly and configure the voice activation level to your liking.
    You can then create hotkeys to activate that profile in settings > options > hotkeys > add > advanced > capture profile > activate capture profile

    Not sure about the usefulness / possibility of the second one, we will have to discuss that internally.

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    Thank You very much

    I created hotkeys ; it's very useful !!

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