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    July 2014

    Question NPL request question

    Hey everyone,

    I have a question regarding the NPL.

    I have done 2 requests to get a NPL license, one I did several months ago and the last one was last month.
    Both requests aren't declined or confirmed. With confirmed I mean that the license is provided to me.

    I have got an e-mail that I submitted the requests. The requests met the requirements as stated on the NPL section on the Teamspeak website. There are no message from Teamspeak in my spam folder.

    Is there anyway to see if it is declined or 'confirmed'?

    Kind regards,


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    July 2014
    Hey everyone,

    I only would like to know wheather the mentioned time designation is valid or not OR there are just holidays in your country. Yesterday I repeatedly tried to reload the page for NLP registration but there was no access link to the form.

    I live in germany so I tried to stay awak until 1 am (about 4pm PST) and hit the reload button (9am until 4pm pst) as hard as possible

    Maybe I'm doing anything wrong (or skipped something) or is this deliberate by you for some reasons?

    Thanks for your answer.
    Regards J.T.
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    July 2014

    Exclamation Unable to connect to primary address, trying secondary

    Hello. Sorry for my bad English. Please help to solve this problem. I searched on the forum like the theme, but all I could find is "the answer was given previously - looking".

    TS3ANetwork::Connect failed error: 110
    Unable to connect to the primary address, trying secondary
    And today license expired and now I don't know how to renew it.

    license expired, shutting down!
    The firewall is turned off completely, ports are open to all.

    Please give at least a link where this problem is solved.

    Thanks in advance.

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    July 2014

    NPL Closed

    Hey, I Been checking the licence site from ages ago and still showing its closed, When its going to be available ? I'll really appreciate it i need the licence to open my server to the public, Please the supervisors don't move this forum, I Know its not allowed but i been waiting from month ago but its always says closed.

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    January 2013

    Lightbulb Question About The NPL

    Hello Guys,

    I hope it`s ok if i post here.

    I have a TeamSpeak 3 Non-Profit License from ( start date : Tue Feb 12 00:00:00 2013 ) and i want to change some info is possible.When i have applied for this license i have used my "old" domain and email for it, my "old" domain and email address associated with my current license will expire in 2 month, and i want to change my info because i have purchased a new domain and i will use a new email address.

    I want to do this because i want to be legal and respect all the terms of the NPL.

    So can you guys tell me who i have to contact about this changes ?

    The new domain match the my name , that i have used when 1st applied .....
    Last edited by dante696; July 23rd, 2014 at 02:44 PM. Reason: Please contact sales as answered in FAQ

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    February 2014

    Changing server IP with NPL license

    I did a quick search and did not find answer for my specific situation. The problem, i think every admin has, is dDoS attacks and protecting yourself from it. The host we are currently bought the VPS server has serious issues and hard time protecting its clients from the attacks. The problem allways has a way to solve it in this case its hardware firewall but its costs lots of money and host refuses to buy it. So we are considering to switch host and transfer the website with the TS3 server to anothe, more reliable and secure.

    Main question is:
    By changing IP address but having same domain name the NPL license remains active or it needs changes to work propertly?
    The current server after transfer will be formated and there will be no dublications. If i have torequest for another license or even and edit of current there will be few days when the license will not work as 512 slot or it will work and the IP address is more formal thing than requirement?

    Thanks for anyone who had similar or same issue, share your'e experience about that here.

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    July 2014

    Had a Non-Profit License, Server PC is fried. Can I reclaim it?

    Hey guys, it's been a very long time since I applied for, and received, my NPL for my clan's server. My server PC has overheated, and I'll need to host it on another machine. How does that affect my NPL, if at all? Do I need to re-apply? Is it dependant upon the address, rather than the machine?

    Thanks so much!

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    July 2014

    Trying to get a NPL license impossible? Registration is ALWAYS closed

    So I have been trying to sign up for months (!) and every single time the NPL registration is closed. I visit multiple times per day with no luck so far.

    What's the deal? Am I just unlucky? What is the best time to get it? Why are there so many people applying all of a sudden? (this was never an issue before) Is it permanently closed and did I just miss some kind of announcement of that?

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    July 2014

    Can I use the same NPL I had on another computer?

    I don't know why my last post was moved. Clearly people didn't read it. I'd appreciate if people read this one more thoroughly before moving it.

    My server computer has died, so I need to get a new server. Once I do that, am I able to use my old NPL on this new computer? Do I have to re-apply? What's the process? Thank you!

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    April 2013

    Lightbulb Non-PRofit License-Guild Team speak server

    NPL registrations are currently CLOSED I see this on Main site really long time so is there any another options how to get Non profit license for Team SPeak what I use with my Guild and it is Hosted on my own PC ?

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    July 2014

    Change from Win to Linux/ubuntu server. New licensekey.dat ?

    Hey All.
    I have tried to solve this, and been seaching the forum but cant find a thread telling me that.

    We are a big Danish clan using a NPL on a hosted Win server. We have now changed our host and choose a Ubuntu 14.04 server instead.

    I have installed TS3 on it and all works fine exept for the NPL.
    i have copy it from our old server and pasted in the root of teamspeak 3.
    Teamspeak 3 is reading the NPL file :

    2014-07-29 11:35:27.762633|INFO |ServerLibPriv | | TeamSpeak 3 Server (2014-01-01 16:28:39)
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.762721|INFO |ServerLibPriv | | SystemInformation: Linux 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 Binary: 64bit
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.763388|INFO |DatabaseQuery | | dbPlugin name: SQLite3 plugin, Version 2, (c)TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.763410|INFO |DatabaseQuery | | dbPlugin version: 3.7.3
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.763675|INFO |DatabaseQuery | | checking database integrity (may take a while)
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.910641|INFO |Accounting | | Your license was updated by the licensing server
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.913759|INFO |Accounting | | Licensing Information
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.913779|INFO |Accounting | | type : Non-profit
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.913816|INFO |Accounting | | starting date : Thu Mar 6 00:00:00 2014
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.913831|INFO |Accounting | | ending date : Fri Sep 19 00:00:00 2014
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.913843|INFO |Accounting | | max virtualservers: 10
    2014-07-29 11:35:27.913854|INFO |Accounting | | max slots : 512
    2014-07-29 11:35:29.387363|INFO | | | Puzzle precompute time: 1467
    2014-07-29 11:35:29.387720|INFO |FileManager | | listening on
    2014-07-29 11:35:29.424598|INFO |CIDRManager | | updated query_ip_whitelist ips:,
    2014-07-29 11:35:29.424855|INFO |Query | | listening on
    2014-07-29 11:35:29.640481|ERROR |Accounting | | too many virtualservers running, shutting down!
    2014-07-29 11:44:07.264360|INFO |ServerMain | | Received signal SIGTERM, shutting down.

    Now the question :

    Is this fault meaning i need a new licensekey or is it becourse im trying to start the new server and buil permissions when the old one is still running ???

    have to point out that we offcourse getting a new ip adress to.

    Greetings from Denmark
    Last edited by dante696; July 29th, 2014 at 01:11 PM. Reason: you are not allowed to use the npl on different machines. question already answered in faq

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    NPL question

    Hey. I've been running a Counter-Strike community since 2004. We have around 20 public servers with like 100k players each month and 35k members on our website. We are not making any profits for our self but we try to sell advertisement whenever we can and all the money that comes in goes directly into the community.

    Hosting high quality servers etc is not cheap. So to my question.

    About the NPL requirements it says:
    When we verify your website, it CANNOT have any donation buttons or advertising of any kind.

    How can you ask free non-profit community's not to have ads? Many small and big community's are founding their whole community on ads. Without ads there wouldn't be any community's.

    I'm not sure about the correct word for it, but my community is an association/covenant and we get grants/contributions from the State to run our servers for free etc open for all Swedish citizens. Its a democracy and we have annual meetings etc were a board is elected by the members. Its all free and all the money that comes in goes directly to the servers, website etc. We are judicial an nonprofit association and there are Swedish laws controlling and decides what we can and cannot do.

    So its none-profit by the ones who runs it but the "community" is getting money from different sources to pay for the servers etc.

    For an example we just started to sell ads to a company that sells gaming-gear in Sweden. With that money we can now rent a new machine and launch 7 more game servers in a week or two. But according to the rules we can now not get a free licence for TS3. Is there a way around this?

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    July 2014

    2nd time NPL registration, no response from any.

    Hi everyone!

    Three weeks ago I registered for 2nd time at NPL registration page. Today I still waiting that Teamspeak contact with me about npl....

    First time I registered on first week of June and no response from that registration.

    I got the mail @myclansite, a website of my clan and 24/7 teamspeak server up, so I don't understand why can't got response.

    Thx for all.

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    August 2014

    Non-Profit License expired and not renewed


    i`m running a TS3 for my game guild at no cost, since 2012, it`s for me and my clan members.

    Suddenly the License has expired while the TS3 server was online at the time.
    Shouldn`t the license reissue automaticaly?

    type : Nonprofit
    start date : Wed Jan 22 00:00:00 2014
    end date : Sun Aug 3 00:00:00 2014
    max. virtual servers: 10
    max. slots : 512
    description : TeamSpeak 3 Non-Profit License

    2014-08-03 06:02:41.805145|ERROR |Accounting | | License ID: 299394 expired

    Thanks for your time.

    Sincerly, Septimiu

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    August 2010
    This happened to me as well, and I see registration for new non-profit licenses is currently closed?

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