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    Question Synchronize serverts3 & website chat

    I wish synchronized website chat with server or channel chat of teamspeak 3. Is there a web module, plugin or di need create it?
    If I need to create it, is there any concept of basic knowledge to start made ​​this piece of code?


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    There was an IRC-Plugin, but it hasn't been updated a long time now. Therefore it is not compatible with the current TeamSpeak client. If you can manage to write a new plugin, you can integrate any webbased IRC client onto your website and have your users install your plugin into TeamSpeak.

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    You can just create a script that uses the query interface to listen to chat messages on the server (global server chat + the current channel) and can then have these messages relayed to your website chat.
    A second script (could also be the same) would then get new messages from the website chat and put them forward to TeamSpeak.

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