Hello there,

administrating files is currently a mess. You have to check channel after channel per hand with the client if there are old files in it when you have no access to a webinterface for example.
Well, the admin could install a cronjob, daemon or a bot that scans the files for you. But then he has to set rules if something should be there forever, or should not be stored for a specific time like three days.

When users upload their files just for sharing with the people they are currently talking to, they probably won't need these files stored on the server forever and they probably won't care about them after the share. If these files are stored with a expiration time, the server won't overflow with data. It would also be more secure for them if their files get deleted if they forget them in some channel.

So I suggest file expiration times as a built-in feature in Teamspeak:

Expiration times can be set either freely by the user, or with server permissions in addition.
When a user is uploading something, he can set a default value for expiration or 'never' (like pastebin.com does it).
If the expiration time is passed, the file get deleted from the server.
The downside would be that the server has to store a date value for every file and has to check these, but the implementation is halfway done by the banning system that is already using a time shedule system.

I always set an expiration time. It's better for the server's disk space and for me. No one can steal my intellectual property by searching for old and forgotten files.

An example for a permission:
i_ft_maximum_expiration= 1440
(Minutes after the file gets deleted from the server, the user can set a lower value via the uploading view. Set to -1 to let users store files forever.)