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    How do I stop an individual from moving people?

    First off, AWESOME Place, I will be here often! Thanks for putting this together!
    I have an issue with individual players moving people. I have set up everything, and have the groups just the way I want them. But there are a few young kids that think it is funny to move people out of their channel and place them in the kids room, or even when I am in my Admin Room, and want to be alone, the people that cannot get in there just have found out they can move me to any channel they want. I donít what to take away everyone powers to do this just the ones that think this is funny, any clues? I have looked pretty much everywhere and know I am missing something somewhere! Thanks everyone!

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    make sure that every group has an i_client_needed_move_power assigned with a value of greater than 0.
    next make sure only admins have assigned an i_client_move_power, everyone you don't want to move people around should get that permission removed.
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    Have you tried creating a group which would simply set that individual's move power to -1000 or something? If the default is 0 and their power is less than zero it should have the same impact and that way be very quick to restrict only individuals you want rather than everyone.

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