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    Is there a way to delete ServerQuery Accounts?!

    Hello community!
    Is there a way to delete existing ServerQuery Accounts?

    Reason: On my server I had a "Moderator", who was able to create a ServerQuery Account with limited permissions. Now, after removing this client of "Moderator" to "Member", he is still able to use this ServerQuery Account.

    Is it possible to delete his ServerQuery Account?!

    I hope, somebody can help me. Thanks forwarding!

    PS: I don't want to set up a new server, just of this reason!

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    You can delete his account completely, that with his next login a new account for his identity will be created with no such rights. You then just need to add him to the members groups again.

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    Ah, okay. Great.

    The user now not able to do things like moderators, but he is still able to login to the webinterface. Ca I block this login too?

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