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    Question Freezing the server

    I need advice from you. Your TeamSpeak I've had about one year and this never happened to me makes me already three days and I do not know what to do. Excuse me if I have an English mistakes doing it through Google translate'm Czech. So the point.

    Come to TeamSpeak: is a Czech teamspeak server and just freezes in roomce all said they see me but I can not move anything so I'll cross slashes with it and lost conection and when I go to your auxiliary server so it's okay We join to other TS servers but Sun

    Add screens as it looks when zrmznu and then extracts the logo or what is it :/

    Please help quickly :/

    TeamSpeak3 - client

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    Probably a bad connection, either server or client side.
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    And with the Client application which could be the problem with the connection? That .. I tried with it according to your advice.

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