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    Running ServerQuery from remote host to local Teamspeak 3 Server - connection refused

    I'm running Minecraft & TS3 on an Ubuntu box in my home and trying to get TS status for a webpage hosted elsewhere.

    I'm using the TeamSpeak3 PHP Framework. Script on the Ubuntu box runs fine using localhost. Running the same script on my hosting account results in error:
    TeamSpeak3_Transport_Exception' with message 'Connection refused'
    I've changed the code appropriately to point to the Ubuntu box, using both the domain name and the IP address. The ports are forwarded properly and the username & password are correct.

    Clients can connect to the TS3 server remotely using either the domain name or the IP. I just can't connect to it remotely using
    $ts3_VirtualServer = TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://{username}:{password}@{domain or IP}:10011/?server_port=9987");
    Changed perms to 0777 just to see what would happen, but that made no difference.

    Currently I am running the status script locally and then using cURL to get the status page hosted on my LAN and display it on my hosting account. I'd prefer to have all the website related stuff run on the hosting account.

    Can anyone shed some light on what I'm missing/doing wrong?

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    Did you forward port 10011 TCP?

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    Yep. 10011, 30033, 9987 are all forwarded (both TCP & UDP for good measure). Currently no firewall running on the server. Server is in DMZ on DLink router.

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    For the query to be accessible from the outside world, it will need to listen on, you may have bound it to a specific IP address (such as
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    While you're in telnet you will probably want to configure your server so that is isn't accessible from the public list of TeamSpeak servers. (Otherwise lots of random and often annoying people will join your server) To do this, simply execute this command via the TeamSpeak ServerQuery interface you have on telnet: Code:serveredit virtualserver_weblist_enabled=0

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