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    Talking Planetside 2 16x16 Icon Pack

    A new compiled Planetside 2 icon pack will be available to all as soon as it's approved. They were made for server or channel groups and channel icons, but you're free to use them however you'd like in your own work as long as some recognition goes out. There are about 300 icons total, 25 of each color plus some defaults.

    Planetside 2 Icon Pack - Full Array & Empire Colors
    Planetside 2 Vector Icons based off in-game icons, logos and symbols.

    • Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White & Yellow Versions
    • Empire Colored Versions.
    • For server/channel group tags or channel icons.
    • Sized and sharpened for clear 16x use.
    • Trimmed for simple canvas modification.
    • Easy to edit or overlay.
    • VS Developed, NC Engineered, TR Combat Tested!

    Brought to you by The Ordo Imperialis and provided in part by PSU.Wiki.
    I'll take requests and alterations if I have the time.
    - Xoza
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