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    Unhappy Lost server admin

    Hi, I accidentally deleted a permission from the server admin group, so i created another server admin key and took my server admin off, because i couldn't use the server admin feature. But the Use privilege key is grayed out, now i can't get back my server admin back. Is there any simple way to get my server admin back?

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    If you are hosting the server for yourself you can use the query interface and use the following commands:
    login serveradmin PASSWORD
    servergroupautoaddperm sgtype=15 permsid=b_virtualserver_token_use permvalue=1 permskip=0 permnegated=0
    If you are renting your server, you'll have to contact your hosters support to fix it for you.

    Afterwards you can use privilege keys again.
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    Cheers, will do that.

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