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    Question Serverside triggered bannerrotation

    Hello dear Teamspeak-community,

    first of all, my situation:
    I've got several different links and different banner-pictures and I've written a PHP script that returns a new picture every 120 seconds. No problem so far. For each picture, a url is saved in a config file. Another PHP script reads this file and when a user is visiting this script, it redirects him to the specific link, configured for the current picture. Still no problem so far. I've tested this, works perfectly

    Now the problem I'm struggling with:
    Lets say the interval for the rotation is set to 120 seconds. If I join my server, my client reloads the banner and then it begins to count. For convenience lets assume I join exactly after the last bannerrotation. 60 seconds after I joined, another User joins my server. His client refreshes the banner and then it begins to count. 60 seconds after that, my client reloads the banner. The other User still looks at the old banner for 60 seconds.

    The bannerrotation is clientside but the link on the server has already changed. The problem is that the other user is looking at the old banner but when he clicks on it, the script leads to another site as shown on the banner. Is there any way to trigger the bannerrotation for all users at the same time?

    What I've tried:
    I've set the clientside interval to 0 tried to change the serverconfigs through cronjob->bash->telnet->server_queries. This triggers all clients to refresh the banner at the same time. Problem solved? No, unfortunately not. It works but every time the script changes the serverconfigs over server_queries all users get a message in their log that the serveradmin has changed the configs. You can turn that massages of but just clientside and I don't want every user have to change their client settings, manually.

    So, is there any other way to synchronise the bannerrotation for all clients without causing the client to throw a message?

    I hope you can help me and that there is no problem in understanding what I'm trying to say

    Greetings from Germany,

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    No, if you edit the server, then yes all clients will reload the image if it has changed. Editing the server however, causes an event that the server changed which causes the client to update the variables and the client reacts to those the way it was configured to do. By default this means to show a message in the log. What is displayed in the log and what is not is entirely the clients decision and this cannot be changed from the server side, nor will it ever be implemented to be possible.
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    That's very unfortunate but thank you for the quick answer. I hoped there would be some way to synchronize banner rotation.

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