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Thread: Ignoring music

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    Smile Ignoring music

    Hey there

    im sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, im not sure of what category this falls under, and also i couldnt find a solution myself despite decent effort.

    I am wondering if there is an addon or a setting that allows me to ignore the sound input from spotify to my mic, some solution that matches the spotify output to that of the mic and the filters it away from what my m8s are hearing.

    I'd quite love this cause i enjoy music during gaming however if it is playing on top of my gaming sound it gets clustered and messy to listen to. Thus i have music going out of speakers and gaming in a headset, but my music still interferes with what i am saying to my team.

    ty for replies


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    I know this response is probably too late, but I thought I'd reply anyway.

    What you're describing is noise cancellation. Although a brilliant idea, I don't think any sort of software/plugin would be fast enough to achieve this - only hardware would be capable of such speed. If we could get noise cancelling this easy, everyone would be using it.

    Your best bet is to buy a proper noise cancelling headset/mic. However, even then its likely the music will be just too loud to completely block out.

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    Actually TS has a noise cancellation algorithm, it's called "echo cancellation" in the settings.
    However, due to the nature of the FFT probably involved it does come at some cpu cost, plus it'll work on the master out on the digital domain, therefor it ain't gonna work perfectly.
    First, what reaches your mic isn't identical to this master-out due to non-linear speakers etc., plus your voice also needs to come through, so you cannot just substract the whole thing without making you sound horrible.

    It's a better bet to go "echo reduction" + Volume Control Plugin at this time imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosound View Post
    Actually TS has a noise cancellation algorithm, it's called "echo cancellation" in the settings.
    AFAIK echo cancellation isn't the same as noise cancellation. Echo cancellation just prevents feedback (by listening to the 2nd signal and comparing it with the 1st, removing any duplicate sounds). Since music is constantly changing, echo cancellation would do nothing to prevent it. Its still useful to always keep it enabled anyway.

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    Despite the wrong translation in the german tooltip and general ambigous description, I'd assume applying the inversed output frequency curve on the input is quite what it does, therefor the music may change as much as it likes to, since the "noise/music fingerprint" curve will constantly be updated. Hence it's not really cancellation, as in +0.5 + -0.5 = 0, but damping or suppression. I figure if it'd just stay in time domain doing input_sample[i] -= output_sample[i] there'd be no need to mention cpu usage (and would work terribad with latencies and all those other influences isup) - such would come into play when using FFT for frequency curves.
    The only other thing that'd spring to my mind would be feedback destruction by basically just watching for small-band peaks and eliminating those via notch filters.
    If there's a third noise/echo cancellation thing, I may just have forgotten about it?

    Noise suppression in my admittedly maybe not up-to-date vocabulary would be in the frequency domain taking a frequency fingerprint with the mic open but no sounds playing and apply its reverse to reduce hum or base noise of bad preamping and such, while noise cancellation for me would've been using the difference of a mono signal delivered as stereo (inversed as in balanced/symmetric cabling) to cancel out interferences staying in the time domain.
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