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    Solved Granting Permition for admins to assign/revoke channel/server groups

    Hey guys, I'm one of the top admins on my teamspeak server, we have many lower admins and I want them to be able to promote and demote respectively, yet I can't seem to find the option to do so within the server group permissions.
    I have checked the advanced permissions system so I'm thinking its just hiding in plain site, can anyone help me?

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    Adding / Removing groups is controlled by i_group_needed_member_add_power + i_group_member_add_power / i_group_needed_member_remove_power + i_group_member_remove_power respectively. The power needs to be equal or higher than the needed power for it to succeed.

    If a group has a needed_member_add_power of 50 and a member_add_power of <=49 they won't be able to give others the same group even though they are in that group. They will be able to give out any "lower" group though.
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