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    Question ServerQuery Documentation/Newbies Guide?

    While I've long been a big fan of TeamSpeak (I used to do a lot of forum support here for TS2), I've never been much of a master of the ServerQuery system - and I'm sorry to admit that I know pretty much ZILCH about it in TS3.

    Has anyone taken the time to write-up a list of the commands and functions of the ServerQuery tool - along with a "beginner's guide" or sorts to help curious people learn the ins and outs of the system? It always seems like an incredibly powerful "back end" - that I've just never had the time (or occasion) to learn.

    Thanks in advance - I doubt I'm the only person to have asked this, but my searching was poor. :/

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    A documentation is part of the server download.

    As there are more than 100 commands, you might want to use a query tool for that instead.

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    There is the help command which lists the commands available and there is help <command> for a quick help for each command.
    There is also the more extensive PDF in the docs folder of the server download.
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