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    Need Help Windows Server 2008 R2

    I have just installed windows server 2008 R2 and got teamspeak downloaded on it 64 bit version and I have forwarded ports (windows firewall) 10011,9987,41144,2010.etc so that it should connect. There is a website running and I can remote desktop access it. I have also tried to turn off the one network adapter that I am not using. Another thing is that I have already DMZ'd the server with the router and modem that I am using here are a couple of logs as well, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    2013-06-25 18:52:13.391172|INFO |ServerLibPriv | | TeamSpeak 3 Server (2013-05-15 08:09:12)
    2013-06-25 18:52:13.391172|INFO |DatabaseQuery | | dbPlugin name: SQLite3 plugin, Version 2, (c)TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    2013-06-25 18:52:13.391172|INFO |DatabaseQuery | | dbPlugin version: 3.7.3
    2013-06-25 18:52:13.406772|INFO |DatabaseQuery | | checking database integrity (may take a while)
    2013-06-25 18:52:13.515972|INFO |SQL | | db_CreateTables() tables created
    2013-06-25 18:52:14.966775|WARNING |Accounting | | Unable to find valid license key, falling back to limited functionality
    2013-06-25 18:52:14.982375|INFO |FileManager | | listening on
    2013-06-25 18:52:15.013575|INFO |VirtualSvrMgr | | executing monthly interval
    2013-06-25 18:52:15.013575|INFO |VirtualSvrMgr | | reset virtualserver traffic statistics
    2013-06-25 18:52:16.370777|INFO |CIDRManager | | updated query_ip_whitelist ips:,
    2013-06-25 18:52:16.370777|INFO |Query | | listening on

    2013-06-25 19:21:41.007052|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| listening on

    I have a license key not to worried about putting that in yet.

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    I have solved the problem, Windows firewall's settings where defaulted at block all incoming connections even those under known port rules. I am not sure how Microsoft gets away with charging $600+ for this OS but it certainly has caused me quite a few problems with the default settings.

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    and that is just the beginning. Now, friend of myne quite expert that is getting paid for windows server solutions, was once suprised that firewall automatically got re-enabled during updates or role changes... I don't know for sure now. After he disabled it in past because of problems, and also customer not willing to pay extra for configuring it....

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