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    Unhappy Can't talk in Apb Reloaded w/ push to talk

    I have been trying to talk to my friends in games through teamspeak so I can push to talk, and when I am in the game Apb reloaded and hit my push to talk, it does not do so. I do not want to turn of push to talk, as my friends get annoyed at all the background noise I have in my house, how do I fix this?

    EDIT: My friend's push to talk works fine w/ apb

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    The game is probably running as admin, which it shouldn't because when it does Windows doesn't forward the Key presses to other applications.
    You probably installed TeamSpeak into a custom folder which is not %ProgramFiles% while your friend installed it to the default %ProgramFiles% location.
    It may also be that his game is not running in admin mode, or that he also runs TeamSpeak in admin mode (which is not recommended).
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