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    Angry Every time I update Windows 7 or server 2008 Teamspeak 3 stops working

    Every time I update Windows 7 or server 2008 Teamspeak 3 stops working with no discernible fault.

    No settings have changed all ports are forwarded reliable and working. Even when firewall is off connections are impossible other than local connections. With firewall down means there's no permissions that need to be changed so it has nothing to do with permissions, ports or Internet connection. So it is pointless to suggest that there is something wrong with this setup. It is a program itself that is incompatible with one of the new Windows updates. I've tested it three times on three separate servers. I start with a fresh install update it and team speak stops working like clockwork there is a serious problem. I need a solution as soon as possible because of security updates for my network because I have been hacked before because my server was not up-to-date.

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    Come on tell me how to fix this problem please

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    Are we talking about the client application or the server application here?

    If the client application then delete the plugins folder.

    Regardless of whether the client or server application, try and find out which update that wants to be installed is causing TeamSpeak to not work anymore?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    If the client application then delete the plugins folder.
    i have the same problem, i have deleted the plugins folder, no change, i have restored my system to a previous date, before the chande, doesnt works, help us!!

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