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    TeamSpeak 3 client idletime does not update when duration is very short.

    I'm having an issue where if someone taps the mic button and screams incredibly loud into the mic, you can see the orb light up but the idle time is not updated; so if you do not have the window active it is impossible to find who is trying to blow your eardrums/speakers. It seems that < .1-5 seconds can be transmitted without the idletime updating. I need to know why the orb lights up and the idletime doesn't update.

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    Idle not Reseting if someone mic spams for a spilt second or less

    The idle teams do not reset if you use your mic for a second or less, it stays the same, so its impossible to hold people accountable for mic spam if they do stuff like that, the only way would to see them do it with your own eyes, but when you have like 20 people in a lobby its literally impossible to tell who did it, is there any fixes for this?

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    To save traffic for the server. This happens when trhe status talking was smaller than 1 second.
    I don't know the exact value, but this is a known and wanted behavior.
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    Is there a way to make this customizable? Or make the idle time appear client-side ( The orb lights up on the client, so this must be possible )..

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    Honestly, I don't see how it would increase traffic. The orb lights up, that's traffic; the client should update the idle-time at that moment. Why not pass the idle time management to the client? How about an on-demand style networking where idle-time is requested when that window is opened which in turn could reduce traffic because not everyone will request it. I still think my original idea which was turned down would be better: Client-side mini graph next to the orb showing heard volume over time. y = volume level, x = time.

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    Please fix this, or make this a server cvar.

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