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    Can't access the options menu

    For quite some time I've been trying to access the options menu in TeamSpeak 3, but without any success. For some reason I can't access it - the second I click, TS3 window goes out of focus but nothing appears at all. Alt+P hotkey doesn't work either. I've reinstalled the software multiple times, even on different HDDs. I've noticed that it happened one-two PC restarts after installation of Razer Synapse, but uninstallation of this software didn't solve my problem.

    TS version:
    OS: Windows 7

    Thank you in advance

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    my teamspeak is running but it wont show up

    Im having problems with Teamspeak not showing up. i have uninstalled it and reinstalled mulitiple times. i have also restarted my computer about 4 times. when i go to processes it shows teamspeak running but its not showing. any ideas?

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    It is probably displayed out of view, reinstall won't delete the configuration unless you explicitly tell it to, which is what you'd have to do. Alternatively you can delete the settings.db in %AppData%\TS3Client

    Be aware that you will loose your entire client configuration which includes any bookmarks.
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    thank you for hijacking my thread, cr8ondude42

    My problem still persists.

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