Hey tech-heads.

So today, I found quite possibly the most irritating bug;

After finishing a CoD4 match, myself and a few others went to play League of Legends however... Once I loaded in-game for some reason the sounds on teamspeak3 suddenly stopped working, however the guys in teamspeak can still hear me talking. The most confusing part, any sounds not to do with teamspeak work perfectly fine aka, in-game sounds, youtube and radio stations.

I checked to see if I could hear myself in the Settings>Capture section and I can not hear myself but can see the audio bar moving in conjunction with my voice. I then proceeded to check the 'Testing your play back' option in Playback and I can't hear the man/woman speaking either.

After spending approximately 2 hours checking my settings over and over it seems like it could quite possibly be the program itself.

I have to admit, I am somewhat stunned as I have never had this problem before. As such any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

List of tried solutions:
- Changing capture mode/capture device,
- Reinstalling teamspeak,
- Restarting computer,
- Checking system sound settings.