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    Can't login to ServerQuery

    Hey all, running ts3 server on a Linux box running the latest version of Debian. I logged into the ssh server and wget the latest version of ts3 server for Linux, un-tar it and run the install script. Everything goes according to play and I am shown the admin key however after that I have no command prompt in this session and can't figure out how to get it back so I am forced to close the session and reconnect to get a command prompt but doing this seems to shut down the ts3 server as I lose connection with my ts3 client.

    Secondly, I log into the ts3 server via the ts3 client on my windows machine and all is working fine. I've read in a recent tutorial that to get to the Server Query I have to log in with Putty to port 10011 as per the ts3 manual.

    From the ts3 server manual:
    Connecting to a ServerQuery interface can be done by using a character-mode terminal client such as Telnet or
    PuTTY. Basically, a ServerQuery client is acting like a real client, except it's unable to send or receive voice data.
    Per default, the TeamSpeak 3 Server is waiting for incoming ServerQuery connections on port 10011 (TCP).On
    success, the server should welcome you with a TS3 prompt."

    This seems a bit vague and cryptic to me. From my Putty I try to login to the Server Query using my Linux box ip and port 10011 but I never connect. I'm not getting a login prompt or anything. What am I doing wrong?

    Watched a tutorial where there is mention of a ts3server.ini file and license key that need to be added to the ts3 directory of my Linux server. I don't have a license file so where do I get or generate one and will this .ini file be loaded automatically or do I have to set it up as a launch option. Here is the tutorial I am watching.
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    You neither need an ini file nor do you need a license.

    If you start the server with "./ start" the server will continue to run even if you exit the shell.

    As for connecting to the query, make sure to select Telnet in putty and that the query port is not blocked by a firewall.
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    Ah brilliant! Works great, thanks. Now how do I login an once I have access to the server query what can I do with it?

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    You can do everything, even though you really shouldn't if you don't know exactly what you are doing.

    In reality 99% of the time, you don't need the query. It's mainly required to create new virtual servers, or delete existing ones. Just about everything else can be done through the client application.
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