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    Channel Icons on th right side, Server Icons on the left

    Hi Guys,

    I have a question. We want to set Channel Permissions for our Teamspeak Users and this is how it is at the moment:

    I want to put that "U" (Channel Icon) on the left side and the rest of the server icons are beside that Channel Icon on the left side. Does that work? Thank you.

    Greetings iMarkus
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    Icons will always display to the right side of the nickname, where they will appear in the following order: Channel group, server groups, client icon.

    You can change the order in which the different server group icons are displayed through their respective groups i_group_sort_id
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    thanks for the fast answer but I meant another thing. Is it possible to change this order:

    Nickname, Channel Icon, Server Icon(s)


    Nickname, Server Icon(s), Channel Icon


    Thanks for your answer

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    No, you cannot change that, the order is fixed.
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    Is it possible to sort Channel Group Icons to the RIGHT of Server Group Icons?

    Hello everyone! As the question/title states I am trying to sort Channel Groups on the RIGHT side of the Server Groups. The i_group_icon_id doesn't sort the Channel list on the right side of the Server list as I would like - so is there any way of doing it?

    We have channel group FLAGS that I would like to have on the right hand side of our server group MEDALS.

    Here is the example:

    Name:  ts3help.png
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    Rearange the position for either channel oder user Icons

    hi there,

    I just started a new Server for some buddys and me, and I am currently trying to make it look "nice"

    What´s bothering me is that the channel icons and the user icons are on the same "x-coordinate"

    Is there way to move the user or channel icons in front of or directly behind the channel or unsername?

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    Not possible.

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