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    auto-disconnect clients with high ping?

    Is there any way of auto-disconnecting (kicking) clients who have exceptionally high ping? A few users on my TS have very high ping, sometimes >1s, and high packet loss. All communication is then screwed. I tried to ban them manually, but they always create new identity, and keep comming again and again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddy View Post
    ... I tried to ban them manually, but they always create new identity, and keep comming again and again...
    What server version are you running?

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    You cannot auto kick people with high ping / packet loss and while you can ban them, that's not really an option if you really want them to be around and play / talk with you.
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    You can auto-ban them with something like 1 minute so you will be able to avoid the spam relog as well.

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    High ping is not the issue, the packet loss is. Would be easiest to moderate the channel I think, granting V or other server/channel group to allow regular users without a problem to talk. If someone request talk power grant it, if they are having a packet loss problem you can't tolerate, revoke talk power. Granted its not auto, but is is much less anti-social than banning someone for something that may be temporary and beyond their control.

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