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    TS3 raising ping with 4 ppl

    Hi there

    I just started using TS3 non-profit server. Its been working perfect for long time when there are 3 ppl connected in the client me included, in game it works perfect. im running TS3 server and client on same pc

    Tonight we added another person and all of a sudden my ping and only my ping goes up to and above 1000
    and my whole internet connection goes slow as well.

    I have a 2mb dsl connection, doing a test with normaly i get 1.74mb/s and 18ping
    when the 4th person connects everything drops, ping goes over 1000 dnld speed goes to 200kbs
    and upload speed to 0.03kbs.

    Someone told me about the voice codec I've looked for it but cant find it will this make a difference.

    or what else can I try to fix this.

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    Simply put your upload is insufficient.
    For each client that is talking you have to download their stream and then upload it again n-1 times (where n is the amount of clients in the channel). So the more clients in a channel the higher the upload demand.

    You can either try and decrease the voice quality by editing your channel, then switching to the audio tab and selecting voice mobile for example, which should help a bit since it consumes less bandwidth. However your limited upload remains and thus it only helps so much. You will run into the same issue once another client joins.
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    Ill give you more of a technical explanation.

    Your 2mb dsl connection is 2 megabits per second. ISP's uses bps or bits per second in data rate advertising ever since the old baud modem days. Often they favor download over upload so your upload is going to be far more limited. Most likely your upload speed is 256 kbits per second. or 29-34 kilobytes per second. At a decent codec quality each user can take up to 8 kilobytes a second of upload. The game you are playing is going to take some upload as well, usually between 12kbytes/s to 20kbytes/s. Before you had one other user connected probably putting you at around 28kbytes/s on your connection which is right near the limit.

    But what happens if you go over the speed limit? Why does your download go bad? So you add that one more user and now you need 36kbytes/s but you only have 30kbytes/s. That remaining 6kbytes ends up getting delayed. And it compounds quickly and the delay quickly gets longer and longer. And here comes the second problem. TCP Sync packets. TCP connection requires proof of delivery so the sender knows that its data has reached the client and wasn't lost. TeamSpeak does use a UDP connection which does not have this issue but your game is likely using TCP. When your upload is backed up by being asked to do more than it can those TCP sync packets end up being delayd. sometimes delayed so much that the sending server doesn't receive it before it decides that you didn't receive the packet in the first place so the sending server resends the packet which will require another sync packet. Now all the sudden you need 40-45 KBytes/s to keep up with the additional demands from TCP and it compounds until the program thinks it cant establish its connection anymore and drops and tries to reconnect. So your ping goes from 18 to over 1,000 in a heartbeat.

    Bottom line: If you want to host servers from your house you need a decent internet connection. DSL often does not provide proper upload to host applications.

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