Hey guys.

Well I went through your forum but either didn't find an answer or wasn't able to understand it.

I have the following situation:

My Teamspeak 3 server includes two channels [Channel A] and [Channel B] but is not limited to it. I want to allow {Group 1} to access [Channel A] but not to access [Channel B] and allow {Group 2} to access [Channel B] but not to access [Channel A].

Furthermore, both groups should be able to access all other Channels except those I've mentioned.

Is this possible?

If yes, how?

I've seen some threads in wich some users said, you have to set up some channel groups with low i_channel_join_power and set the respective power on the channel. But that wouldn't help in my case, right?

Thanks in advance,


PS.: Please don't kill me if there are millions of other threads with the same topic.