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    Teamspeak 3 Whisper Function not working

    Hi, I am an Admin for a gaming community and our Whisper List function is not working at all.

    If you create a new whisper list and add clients to it, set the hot key, and click the hotkey it says "No Whisper Targets Found" yet it still produces the red light bulb next to their name but the client does not hear any whisper at all.

    This is our teamspeak address:

    I also am part of various Clans for different games and their whisper lists are not functioning either.



    Is there something that has gone wrong? A setting that needs to be turned on?
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    You need to have sufficient permissions to whisper the target clients of your list, otherwise you will get the no whisper targets error if you are not allowed to whisper any of them.
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    Apparently when our Teamspeak was being moved to a different server rack (due to DDOS attacks) it reset that area but I thought it was already set.

    Thanks for your time.

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