I am owning a TS3 server, on a VPS wich is on LINUX. The internet is PERFECT, since i have other servers, like UT2004, CoD2, CS 1.6, Minecraft, etc. Also good RAM.

The issue is this. The users from teamspeak 3, from time to time, get disconnected, randomly. They get droped, and the next second they reconnect. Sometimes they will have a nr. 1 after their nicknames, sometimes not. Sometime, i also get droped and in less than a second i am reconnected again. This is very frustraiting. Sometimes i get droped (me and others) 3-4-5-6 times in 10 minutes, or 1 time in 30-40 minutes. Everyting is random and don't have a pattern.

What is the explanation of this?

Thank u all!