Okay so just recently i decided to start my own ts3 server. So i downloaded all the stuff and i got the server running under localhost did the permissions and all that stuff yay easy. Next i did the port forwarding with all the ports that were needed. The server is running from my pc upstairs which is wireless (idk if that matters being wired or wireless). So i got the external ip address and i can connect to it and so can my friends, now heres where all the stupid stuff comes in. The next day it wouldnt let me connect so i figured it had something to do with my ip address being dynamic so i changed it to static. Started working again, Then i decided i didnt want to use the external ip anymore so i set up a No-ip account and got it all set up and created my host name and stuff. didnt work and i even have the no-ip client up and running.
Okay now here is the really stupid stuff, i can sometimes connect to my server using the knightsofrapture.no-ip.biz and then sometimes i have to use the external to connect, im tired of going back and forth and the last part is, if i connect to the server and im in and then i decide to disconnnect and the try to reconnect to the server it will not let me connect again. Idk what im doing wrong anymore, so i realllllly need some help.
btw i have windows 7 64 bit