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    [WIP] Teamspeak Event Notification System (TENS)

    What is TENS?
    TENS is a simple, lightweight multi-platform program aimed at TeamSpeak server owners/communities that want to automatically notify users of upcoming events (for example a meeting, or a gaming match). Whenever an event is near, all users (or only certain groups that you define) will receive a poke or a chat message reminding them of the event e.g. "NOTICE: Battlefield 3 Match starting in 15 minutes".

    Reminders can be sent at different intervals, e.g. 30 minutes, 15 minutes, or 5 minutes before an event (or all three). If you wish, users can also be moved to a certain channel when the event is about to begin.

    How does it work?
    Currently TENS works by periodically scanning specific topics (that you designate) on your forum board - looking for any threads about an event. For example, one thread under the "Battlefield 3" category may be titled "Match: 7pm on 19/07/13". TENS will recognise this as an event and store it in a list of known events. No extra addons or mods are needed for your forum board.

    What do I need, and what OS does it support?
    All you need is a forum board and a TeamSpeak 3 server running on a VPS (or other server) that you have at least FTP/SSH access to (in order to transfer and run the program). In terms of OS, TENS can run on any platform (Windows/Linux/Mac). Since it is a standalone app, TENS does not rely on TS API versions either (meaning it will never go out of date). You also don't need to fiddle with setting up a separate TeamSpeak client since everything is controlled via ServerQuery. Setting up the program is extremely easy, even for most novice users.

    Future Features
    - Integration with Google Calendars
    - Dynamic TeamSpeak channel names/descriptions (e.g. a spacer channel called "Latest News: " that will change depending on what announcements are posted on your forums).
    - Plus any of your suggestions

    When will it be released?
    TENS was originally designed for my own use within my community. However, I soon realised that many people may wish to use TENS for their own communities. I shall be working on the program during my spare time and release it when I think it is ready for public release.
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    Sounds like a sweet idea!

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    Interesting plugin.

    I'm sure this would be useful way for communities to notify players instead of just relying on the forums and email.

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    Sounds quite useful indeed, will check it out.
    Though it probably should be moved to Tools for, y'know, it not being a plugin

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